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Listed below are the typical services which we offer:

  • Geotechnical desktop studies
  • Detailed geotechnical investigations  
  • Surface geological/geotechnical field mapping
  • Underground mine development and stope geological mapping
  • Geohydrological investigations and groundwater protocol assessments
  • Slope stability assessments and recommendations for stabilization
  • Logging and sampling of soils, bedrock and groundwater
  • Test pits, auger holes, borehole/percussion drilling, Dutch Probes etc.
  • Percolation tests and recommendations/design for subsoil wastewater disposal
  • Dynamic probes (CBR Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests, Dynamic Probe Light tests etc.)
  • Geophysical (Seismic, Resistivity, Magnetometer)
  • Supervision and analysis of Plate Load and Pile Load tests

Specialised geotechnical services offered for the South African mining industry include the following:

  • Underground mine development and stope/reef geological mapping
  • Fibre reinforced shotcrete specifications for gold mines
  • Shaft stablility and support requirements for gold, coal and platinum mines
  • Stope gully stability in gold and platinum mines
  • Gas sampling and monitoring
  • Analysis of rock mass ratings and mine design criteria for deep mines
  • Block caving analysis and pillar design procedures for all types of mines
  • Numerical modelling of different mining methods and compilation of Codes of Practice